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Klein Karoo village of Barrydale


Barrydale is a very special little village nestled at the foot of the Majestic Langeberg mountain range in the Tradouw Valley, where the northern exit of the Tradouw Pass meets the R62 from Worcester, Robertson and Montagu.

There is much to do for those wishing to participate in village life. Here are just a few suggestions and some information.

· A yearly gardening event, normally in October, Barrydale In Bloom, where villagers open their gardens to the public and funds are raised for a cause or project within the village, which benefits all.

· BADS (Barrydale Amateur Dramatics Society) normally put on a pantomime each Christmas and is supported by the villagers and people from the outlying areas including Smitsville, Swellendam and Montagu.

· We have a library which won the Best Small Library Award in 2015.

· Restaurants abound along the R62 and include the famous Diesel n Creme and the ever popular Country Pumpkin.

· Many entrepreneurs, artists and writers live within the village of Barrydale. It is a great place for those who love the artistic vibe which abounds here. One great example is Magpie Art Collective - four men, known affectionately as 'the Magpie Boys' who are multi-talented and make fabulous, bespoke chandeliers from recycled items and plastics.

· Net vir Pret is a children’s charity based in Smitsville. The children perform a Christmas parade through the streets of Barrydale every year and which has been filmed and recorded by CNN television station.

· The Barrydale Cellars produce, amongst others, the famous Joseph Barry Pot Stilled 10 year old Brandy – again another award winner for Barrydale.

· This is a great wine producing area which includes Bonnivale, Robertson and Montagu.

- The Tradouw Pass - the unusual word "tradau" means the way of the women" and is believed to be derived from the Khoi words tra, signifying "women" and dau, denoting "way through".

· Swim in the clear, cool waters, in the summer of the Tradouw River that flows through The Pass all year round.

- In The Pass are two natural ‘waterfalls’ where the majority of residents collect their drinking water (from choice). The waterfalls never dry up which always amazes me!

· The fruit harvesting season starts mid December and carries on until March, bringing with it an abundance of sun-ripened peaches, apricots, plums, apples and grapes.

· Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is just 10 minutes drive from Barrydale, for those wishing to spend an exclusive weekend in luxury, game viewing.

For the lovers of nature Barrydale has unsurpassed vistas of mountains with hiking trails, wildlife and birdlife. Hills and valleys are covered in flowers during spring and summer offering stunning photographic opportunities

The quality of life in Barrydale is unique. Peaceful, safe and quiet, people still greet one another and wave as they go by – a rarity in this fast world we now live in.